She Who Watches #11 She Who Cosplays: Felicity Smoak from Arrow!

Thought now i’m free from uni for a few weeks I might continue on my She Who Cosplays series with one of the characters I hold nearest to my heart. Arrow’s badass-hacker-goddess Felicity Megan Smoak who is played by the gorgeous Emily Bett Rickards. I would like to take a second to thank both Emily and the Arrow creators and writers for bringing to life this wonderful character. They have created a character that is so incredibly well rounded with so many nuances. She’s a smart MIT graduate, a daughter that struggles to communicate with her Mum, a badass hacker goddess, a girl hopelessly in love, a klutz who always says the wrong thing and a headstrong IT girl. She’s strong yet vulnerable, smart yet silly, funny yet serious, angry yet kind. She’s an inspiration to me in so many ways, well as much as a TV character can inspire. For the purposes of this post she inspires me not just in her character and actions but also her insanely fabulous wardrobe!



All hail Queen Felicity!! I was drawn to her style from the beginning;  with her feminine look featuring gorgeous dresses, a penchant for heels and pink lipstick and statement jewelry her style has never compromised her intellect and her glasses never dictated a ‘nerdy’ look. As a blonde who has worn glasses her entire life Felicity was a character I thought I could actually emulate. Not just in cosplay but in everyday life. This post is more of a lookbook. Not living in the US and not having a hefty outfit budget I have never been able to get my hands on anything Felicity has actually worn on screen however, like I said in my previous She Who Cosplays post you don’t have to look identical you just have to capture the aesthetic essence of the character. With Felicity being a TV character and Arrow being in its fourth season you have plenty of options to choose from. Sites such as Worn On TV or the Arrow Fashion Blog are amazing at cataloging and sourcing the outfits worn in each episode and I highly recommend them for some style inspo!



The photo above is my official cosplay Felicity, except now I actually have glasses that look like hers! I’ll detail accessories down below but this whole outfit; shoes, badge, dress and accessories only cost me about $40. The shoes were a cheap pair from Kmart, the dress was a BooHoo dress bought second hand for $7, the badge was purchased off the amazing site Commissioned Credentials and with shipping only cost me about $10. The glasses I bought that looked identical to Felicity’s (which arrived the day after the con GRR) were purchased from GlassesShop and were the Steven style in black/brown i’ll pop a picture below! I had my prescription added to them but you non-glasses wearers could just get clear lenses!


I’ve also since bought a pair of high quality glasses from Bailey Nelson in the Atwood style which like Felicity’s fade from brown to orange. You can see me wearing them in some of my Felicity looks at the bottom of the post!

Now the glasses have been tackled lets break down the rest of a quintessentially Felicity outfit! I’ll show you  a few of my pieces and the Felicity pieces they were inspired by!


Blue knit top from Veronika Maine.

Grey top from Glassons.

Grey jersey top from EDC, bought second hand.

These three tops give a nice range of Felicity’s wardrobe both casual and a little more dressy. We’ll often see her in blouses whilst in ‘work’ mode and jumpers or knits in her more casual looks. Popular colors include; grey, blue, purple, pink and any number of colors within prints! Make sure to look for both bright and pastel colors. When buying tops inspired by Felicity keep an eye out for peplums, knits and blouses that can be worn with any number of bottoms; skirts, jeans and trousers alike. I don’t have any above but she often wears cropped and embellished knits and tops. I tend to avoid crop tops because I do not possess the abs of steel which EBR does! If you feel comfortable though, go for it!



Pink dress from, bought second hand.

Black polka dot dress from Glassons.

Orange dress from

If there is one thing this girl knows how to rock it is a pretty dress! She has been seen in all types of styles including; A-Line, Pencil, Strapless, One-Shoulder, Shift, Empire and Sheath. They’re most often very colorful and again she is regularly seen wearing prints! These dresses in their bright colors and large prints may seem a little daunting but you have to think of them as a statement and keep the rest of your outfit very minimal. Felicity’s hair is often worn up which helps keep the focus on your dress. You could easily wear any of the above styles in black and keep her bright lipstick and statement jewelry for a more relaxed interpretation of her look!



Black pencil skirt from Oliver Black, bought second hand.

Black jeans from Veronika Maine, Cropped print trousers from EziBuy.

Skirts! Skirts are a must, a-line and pencil, so many pencil skirts! The bottom two trousers I didn’t really have a Felicity outfit to match with but a printed high rise pair of trousers and a plain black pair of jeans as well as a decent black pencil skirt are the perfect staple pieces to pair Felicity-inspired blouses, knits and tees with.



That hair flick tho.

Hair wise Felicity is usually seen with a ponytail but also wears her hair down and curly, in an updo or half up on special occasions! Her look is always finished off with a bright lipstick usually a pink or purply pink they range anywhere from light pink like above to super bright! She has also worn more brown, coral or red-toned lipsticks from time to time too. Her eyes are usually kept fairly neutral with some eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara! Bright blush and polished skin are also a part of her beauty look. Outside of her staple bright lip you can really interpret her makeup any way you want really!

Jewelry wise look out for statement necklaces, dangly earrings and cute embellished belts!

Shoe wise think heels; heeled ankle boots, pretty strappy heels, heeled sandals, allll the heels!!

Here is a collection of some of my Felicity inspired looks (please excuse my messy room and poor quality selfies!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post if you have any characters whose style you love to recreate i’d love to hear about it in the comments below! I hope that this post has given you a few ideas of how to emulate the epic Felicity Smoak’s style! If you shop smartly (think on sale and second hand!) you don’t need to spend a lot to recreate her outfits. Just whenever you go out shopping think WWFSW “What Would Felicity Smoak Wear?”. It’s definitely my shopping mantra!

Side note all these sourcing images of Felicity is really making me miss Arrow, hurry up season five!

Until next time – C x


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