She Who Watches #10 – She Who Cosplays: Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride!


Thinking this could be the start of a new series what do we reckon? Now I am by no means a hardcore cosplayer, do I like dressing up as my favorite characters? HECK YESS! But with my extremely basic sewing skills I don’t tend to *make* my cosplays instead I *source* them. I second hand shop like its a sport and i’m very proud of the cosplays i’ve put together in the past just by using what I can get my hands on cheaply!  PSA to my fellow fangirls and boys: cosplaying doesn’t have to be expensive!!

Today I wanted to write a post on a gem of a surprise cosplay that came together in about 20 mins at SaveMart, my local second hand store. I am Vice President of the University of Canterbury Film Club and our final event this semester is a quiz night! All film themed questions with different rounds. My friend and co-president Bianca (who has a rad blog of her own that you should check out!) and I worked hard on the questions and by reaching out to a range of businesses we have created some amazing prize packs – Thanks Hoyts, Reading Cinemas, Coffee Culture and McDonalds! When we had a run through of the quiz with our exec members one of our fab members named Paige suggested we all dress up to which I said YASSSS! I was all set to reuse my Effie cosplay I wore for my 17th birthday but sadly I have misplaced the wig and the dress is way too big for me now. So on the way home from uni last week I dragged my broke butt into SaveMart.

Originally I had two costumes in mind either a green dress and wings and i’d be Tinkerbell or a white dress and a stuffed gorilla and i’d be Ann Darrow from King Kong. I did find those dresses but I managed to find one even better which I couldn’t say no to! I headed straight for the Retro section when I got there and pulled out all manner of costume-y dresses. Then a bright orange one caught my eye, I picked it up immediately as I suddenly thought ‘hang on that reminds me of someone…’ I did a quick inventory of everything i’d watched recently in my head and had a lightbulb moment.. OMG Princess Buttercup!!


Now I only had my The Princess Bride (1987) cherry popped earlier this year, it was actually the first film we screened for the Film Club but I adored it! Now this dress obviously isn’t screen accurate, for one the top of the sleeves aren’t quite as billowy and it isn’t as long. However it is pretty darn close!! It is a handmade dress with no labels and as you can see the sleeves are incredibly long because you ruche them up to make them look fuller.

I tried on a few other dresses but this was a clear winner. I pulled up some photos of Princess Buttercup on my phone to see what else the outfit entailed and noticed her gold belt. I had a rummage through their belts and found the one above, again it isn’t screen accurate but it fits the look. If you’re new to cosplay or not particularly confident don’t worry about everything being completely accurate. If you can capture the essence and the general style of the character you’re good to go! As I don’t have matching color boots like Buttercup I wore a pair of black lace up riding boots on my feet.


I have similar coloring and hair to Robin Wright Penn (back when she played Buttercup) so for me the rest of the cosplay came together very easy I simply washed my hair and let the curls do their thing before I middle parted it and twisted each side up. Don’t be afraid to mess this up pull little strands out to frame the face and if you have a natural wave to your hair embrace it!!  In terms of makeup Buttercup wears next to nothing. However if like me you’re going to an occasion and want a little something to tie the outfit together I will list what I used for makeup below:

I stuck with my normal base routine (Elizabeth Arden moisturizer, Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer and Covergirl Clean foundation in the shade 205 Ivory) as this is a fairly lightweight look. I use Collection concealer in the shade 01 for under my eyes and any blemishes I have. For my eyes I used a neutral champagne color (Booty Call) on the lid and a matte cool brown in the crease (Tease) both from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette just to give my eyes a little definition. You would be fine with just a touch of mascara however I have a pair of super natural Ardell Demi Wispies that I used to achieve that fluttery wide eyed look! Buttercup has gorgeous natural brows so I just brushed mine slightly. On the cheeks I popped a touch of an orange toned blush and I kept the lips natural lining them slightly with a nude color and popping a touch of a slightly glossy No 7 lipstick in the shade Intrigue which has a nice sheer color and balm-like consistency. Finish that all off with a bit of translucent powder to set and you are good to go! In terms of other accessories Buttercup wears a pair of tiny gold ball studs which I already had in my jewelry box. Once you have the dress and belt the rest of this look is so simple and very fun to wear!

UPDATE: The Quiz Night was last night and went fantastically! All of the exec members had awesome film themed outfits on and we had our biggest turn out yet with about 45 people showing up and 11 teams! Plus we got a few new sign ups…not too shabby!


Right now i’ve got my Buttercup on I just need to find myself a Wesley… Any takers?


Until next time – C x


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