She Who Watches #7: Insomnia Trailer Talk – Rogue One and Doctor Strange

Hello, insomnia my old friend. Hello 3:30 am. Hello two incredibly different stories; one, Doctor Strange based on a Marvel comic character and one, Rogue One based in the realm of the Star Wars stories. Both films surprisingly owned by Disney! Though that isn’t the only trait these two films share. Both have epic casts, interesting premises and exciting trailers to name a few.

Another thing they have in common, at least in relation to me, is that I have little prior knowledge of each films backstory. Before you yell at me lets start with my protestation of innocence surrounding Star Wars. Have I watched them? Yeah most of them I think at one point or another. Am I a fan? Yes, as in they were enjoyable. Do I comprehend them? This is where we hit a grey area. I saw these films as a kid, never in order and haven’t re-watched in years. The Star Wars universe is a little bit confusing for me. Which films occur at what point in certain characters stories is something i’ve gotta figure out. I still haven’t seen The Force Awakens *le gasp* I know, and I call myself a film fan! That is something i’m kicking myself over since, like everyone on the planet, i’ve fallen in love with Daisy Ridley and since I see that with the trailer for Rogue One, Star Wars is delivering the goods once more when it comes to a strong female lead. You know a film looks good when despite not following any of the names or references you have one unfaltering thought at the end: I gotta see this. Admittedly I think some of my excitement comes from the dystopian/Hunger Games vibe of the trailer, i’m a sucker for a good rebellion story and as soon as Felicity Jones uttered the line “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel” my brain just went YASSS. I am down for a sassy kickass rebel. Now, I am SO down for a sassy kickass rebel played by Felicity Jones. I. Love.Her. I think she is surprisingly underrated despite appearing in so many big films. I hope this propels her into receiving the kind of attention she deserves!


Despite the trailer being only a teaser at a minute and a half long it does a fairly good job of outlining the story. Rebel, Jyn Erso, along with other rebel spies has been tasked with stealing the plans to the Death Star. That’s basically the film in a nutshell. The trailer does a great job at establishing Jyn however leaves the identities of the other characters that appear somewhat of a mystery which I’m sure may be resolved in future trailers. In what is a mostly male dominated cast-

(and people had the audacity to complain upon the trailers release that Rogue One was moonlighting as a film with a secret feminazi agenda because it happened to have a female lead. UGHH GRRR – i’m thinking of starting a side series on here called She Who Rants, but anyway, I digress)

-including Mads Mikkelson, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed , Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen and Forest Whitaker the film should be solidly rounded with a cast this promising. The trailers gritty, action packed tone looks great, visual effects wise we know its gonna be epic, I mean its a Star Wars film. One thing I loved in the trailer is the score, especially the score that kicks in at 0:50 seconds in, the sound is reminiscent of some kind of alarm. It is equal parts unsettling and thrilling and accompanies the shots from the film very nicely. I can’t wait to see what footage the other trailers show! I suppose until then I should probably work on getting a grip on the Star Wars lore. Rogue One is directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz and scheduled for release in December.

Next up, the teaser trailer for Marvels Doctor Strange was released this week. I feel like they cut this together in record time as I could have sworn I saw set pictures on Twitter only a few weeks ago, perhaps they were reshoots? Can you tell this film hasn’t been on my radar? I say hasn’t been because that has changed now following the trailer – Marvel you now have my full attention. Until now I had never heard of this Doctor Strange character however I have done a little bit of research and he sounds like an interesting chap! Incredibly different from a lot of Marvel heroes. It will be cool to see how the Marvel universe explores the idea of the multiverse even more and how they work Doctor Strange into the pre-existing universe. Basically take a shot every time you hear or see a reference! What is cool about this film is that if you removed the Marvel logo from the trailer you could be watching any fantasy film there is nothing overtly comic book about the film from what we have seen so far. Which to be fair isn’t a lot! This is one of those oh so rare trailers nowadays which shows you a lot but without really showing you anything. A marker of great marketing this trailer shows you just enough to intrigue you and leave you asking questions.


As far as I can gather the film will follow the origin story of Steven Strange, played by the phenomenal Benedict Cumberbatch, a talented surgeon who following a car crash and subsequent damage to his hands sets out on a quest to heal himself and along the way discovers the ways of The Ancient One, played by the also phenomenal Tilda Swinton. Add in some Rachel McAdams, some Chiwetel Ejiofor and some Mads Mikkelson (he’s a busy guy this Mads!) and you’ve got a fab cast. The films visual effects look absolutely next level and as the title cards read “open your mind… change your reality” i’m guessing this film should be one big mind-blowing trip. Again like Rogue One, I am excited to see what future trailers reveal. Doctor Strange is directed by Scott Derrickson and written by Jon Spaihts and C. Robert Cargill. The film is set for a November release.

I thought writing this Trailer Talk at 3:30 am might be cathartic and help me feel sleepy. Instead it is now 4:50 am and I am wide awake, amped for these films and hungry. Oops. Maybe i’ll go do some more work on my Cinema Studies essay! Oh and remind me to check for spelling mistakes on this in the morning. My sleep deprived brain is bound to have missed one!

Until next time  – C x



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