New Years Resolutions…

Lets see how long this lasts shall we.

This year i’ve set myself a goal to work on my writing and to watch even more films and television than I did this year – This was the year I discovered the miracle of Netflix so I watched a fair amount (and by fair I mean way too much, hehe.) This year is my final year at university studying media and communications and cinema studies. If i’m being honest i’m terrified about going out in the world and finding a job. This past year has been a rough one and seeing the arrival of 2016 has made me realise how quickly i’m getting older so I feel like I need to make the most of this final year and just absorb everything and learn as much about media and film and television as I can. At this point in time the only thing i’m good at writing is essays and lets face it they’re formal af and aren’t gonna get me too far in the media industry, I want to work on my writing of scripts, treatments, articles and reviews.

This, my friends, is where this little blog will hopefully come in. I am aiming to review a film a week at least at the beginning and then we shall see where my fancies take me!

I suppose I better introduce myself – imma do this rapid fire style.

Courtney. 19. British. But now live in New Zealand. Media and Cinema Student. Work part time as a fashion consultant. Film nerd and total fangirl. Feminist. Daydreamer. Terrible cook!


I think that sums up me and my intentions for this blog… Go easy on me while I figure this whole thing out.

Peace out homies – C



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